Third Camp Marxism

Marx on self-emancipation

In the hands of Stalinists and social democrats, over decades, Marxism was reduced to a doctrine for more efficient or egalitarian economic planning. If we are to rise to the challenge of the new anti-capitalist activism, Marxists need first to reclaim the radical ideas of Marx himself.


In his 1844 Manuscripts, Marx criticised 'crude communism'.

The workers or 'the people'


Why should Marxists want to narrow our appeal to 'the workers', enrolling people from other classes only to the extent that they rally behind the working class? Why not seek a broader unity of 'ordinary people'? These questions are live among 'new anti-capitalist' activists, and on the left generally.

By Chris Reynolds.


David Ryazanov

David Ryazanov was the greatest Marxist scholar of his time, a Bolshevik, and a revolutionary activist. In the last issue of Workers' Liberty we published his study of Engels' Anti-Duhring and its reception in the German socialist movement.

A different sort of Labour council

In Hackney, east London, the Labour/Tory coalition administration - the first in Britain since World War Two - is making drastic cuts to local services in one of Britain's poorest districts after an unelected council official used Tory legislation to put a halt to any expenditure not mandated by law or required by legal contracts. The Labour councillors' response?

The USSR in perspective

Paul Hampton analyses the arguments used by Tony Cliff and others to rubbish the ideas developed in the 1940s by Max Shachtman and the 'unorthodox' Trotskyists in the USA about the USSR.

This is the second part of an article whose first part appeared in Workers' Liberty 62.



Intellectual anarchy?

The divisions within anti-capitalist activism between liberals (like George Monbiot), anarchists and Marxists cannot just be glossed over in the name of inclusivity. We can learn from Seattle, or any other experience, only by debating ideas, rejecting some and adopting others.

Alan McArthur replies to Lina Jamoul.


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