Third Camp Marxism

A Brief History of the AWL

The AWL Basic Education Programme

Second edition.

Issued 1997

HTML version issued 1998

The AWL: A Brief Outline of Our History

Mid-1966: the Workers' Fight group, forerunner of the AWL, formed by a small group of comrades breaking from the main existing would-be Trotskyist groups - Gerry Healy s SLL (which was by far th

Liverpool and Militant



Article 1. May 1983 to September 1985

Article 2. October 1985 to March 1986

Article 3. The story updated to October 1986

Appendix 1. The appointment of Sam Bond, a NALGO observer's account

Appendix 2. Sam Bond, a statement by the Liverpool Black Caucus

Appendix 3. Derek Hatton on himself and his role

Article 1. May 1983 to September 1985


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