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Workers' Liberty conference moved to April 2022

We have decided to put our Workers’ Liberty conference planned for 27-28 November back to April 2022.

We had our last conference, on 24-25 April, online. We managed well, considering, but decided to schedule a next conference in-person sooner than we otherwise would, in November 2021. The success of the vaccine drive made that seem workable.

The Delta variant has upset our calculations. It can spread even with high vaccination, though that vaccination keeps death tolls much lower than before.

Morrisons cuts sick pay

Morrisons, the UK’s fourth largest supermarket, with over 120,000 workers, is cutting sick pay for those who need to self-isolate if they have not been vaccinated.

Despite Morrisons saying they will make exceptions, the announcement has sparked outrage — particularly because the chain’s chief executive has been open about their cost-cutting motivation.

Justifying the cut, chief executive David Potts cited the “biblical costs of managing Covid” and other increased costs facing the company.

Why the Greens are drifting right

With the climate emergency rising in public consciousness across the world and a shift towards anti-capitalist politics among younger people, we might think the Green Parties would be presenting themselves as radical anti-capitalist forces to win people from Labour or Social Democratic parties which have become wedded to neoliberalism and dwindled into bureaucratic husks. However, in practice the opposite is happening.

Women's Fightback: Don't kick rape charges off the pitch

TW // sexual violence

A banner supporting a woman who accused footballer Cristiano Ronaldo of sexual assault was flown over Old Trafford during his return game for Manchester United. The Level Up feminist group said they wanted to “remind crowds” of rape allegations against him and “disrupt the fanfare” around the player’s heavily-publicised return to Manchester United. The group’s co-director Janey Starling said they wanted to send “a message to football that rape allegations can’t be kicked off the pitch”.

Hong Kong: fear and defiance

The Hong Kong Alliance has refused to hand over data on its supporters to the HK police. Its only leader still at liberty, Chow Hang-tung, has been taken into custody. Along with Lee Cheuk Yan (chair of the Alliance, and already jailed) and Albert Ho, he has been charged with “incitement to subversion”.

The HK Alliance is the organisation that organised the annual 4 June Tiananmen commemoration.

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