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Stakes and outcomes on 6 May

On 6 May across the UK Labour faces not only its first electoral test since the defeat in the 2019 election, but a major test on a number of fronts.

There are Scottish Parliamentary elections, Welsh Assembly elections, A number of Mayoral Elections, a London Assembly election, and elections across 143 councils that cover the majority of England, with maybe 5,000 seats up for grabs. On the same day there is also a parliamentary by-election in Hartlepool.

Left schadenfreude

Off The Rails, May 2021

The new issue of Off The Rails asks, 'Wot No Pay Rise?' and challenges rail workers and our unions not to accept imposed pay freezes but to fight for better wages and conditions.

It also includes reports on the end of the South West Railway dispute in defence of guards, the threat to Netowrk Rail jobs, and recent ScotRail strikes.

Download it here.

Using the local elections to fight for workers' rights

Edd Mustill (pictured right) is an NHS worker and GMB trade union activist who is standing for Labour in the Graves Park ward of Sheffield city council. He spoke to us about his campaign.

My ward – which I also live in – has a long history of Lib Dem councillors so I’m unlikely to win. I’m standing to get a decent vote, but also to raise issues, build our Labour Party branch and get more people active as campaigners.

NHS protests set for 3 July

Ballot results on NHS pay in Scotland are due in the next few days as we go press. Unison has recommended the 4% offer to its members; RCN and GMB are advising rejection. There has been minimal campaigning during the ballot and so the turnout is likely to be low. Whichever way the vote goes, work will be needed to involve members and raise the activity levels in workplaces.

Sponsor Tim's jump

Tim Cooper will be doing a parachute jump from 20,000 feet in late May (date depends on weather conditions), and is appealing for sponsor money to go to the Workers’ Liberty fund appeal. Another aim for Tim is to conquer his fear of heights. His approach could be a model for the labour movement left as we battle to overcome fears of defeat and marginalisation: defy them head-on.

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