Third Camp Marxism

Bomber Bolton cashes in

Things haven't been turning out well lately for Donald Trump in the run up to the US presidential election in November.

A pandemic that has claimed over 120,000 lives and is plateauing rather than declining. Major demonstrations against racial injustice and police brutality. An economy where unemployment rates have surpassed even those of the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Organise to make the future safe and equal for all

The great wave of street protests after the killing of George Floyd on 25 May still continues, but the pace looks like slowing. Activists will be thinking about how they can continue their efforts over the months and years needed to win and consolidate change.

That this killing has generated so broad a protest must be partly because a pandemic which has hit the worst-off hardest everywhere, and a wave of job cuts which has done similar, especially in the USA, are in everyone's minds.

Brazil in the pandemic

Join us for our weekly online meeting, Sunday 26 July, from 6.30pm where Luiza Xavier will discuss the political background to current events in Brazil.

Brazil is now one of the epicentres of the coronavirus pandemic with 1000 per day dying for the third day in a row on 20 June, and more than 50,659 killed by the virus as of 22 June.

The far-right Bolsonaro government's irrational response to the pandemic has triggered political turmoil.

New Covid plans

Doctors and scientists want a shift in virus-control policy. An open letter to all the political parties, on 23 June, by leading medical figures, called for an urgent effort to map new policies because "the available evidence indicates that local flare-ups are increasingly likely and a second wave a real risk".

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