Third Camp Marxism

Capital study course

This course covers Capital volume 1 in 10 weeks. The basic reading is Otto Rühle's abridgement of 'Capital', copies of which are available, price £1.50, from the AWL, or you can read / download the document in ten parts from this website. The more you can read beyond that, the better, of course. The parts of Rühle's abridgement correspond roughly, but not exactly, to Marx's chapters, so under each week below both the relevant parts of Rühle and the relevant chapters from Marx are indicated.


Lies against socialism answered

The lies against socialism answered, by Sean Matgamna

This article first appeared in Socialist Organiser in 1990.

'But socialism is dead, darling!' This was one response on the street to the front page a Socialist Organiser with the headline: 'Stand up for socialism' And there were many similar responses, sad as well as gleeful.

For sure, if the Stalinist systems were any sort of socialism, then socialism is dead, and it deserves to be dead. It was rotten and stinking for decades before its recent outright collapse.

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