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US Imperialism and the political War for Korea: clash tests US position in Far East

After only four or five days of war, it has become painfully apparent that Stalinism has won the
political war for Korea. Whatever one thinks or speculates about the Russian timetable in military terms, they certainly never limited their objectives to military conquest. The Russians must have calculated on the minds and wills of the twenty millions of South
Korean people. This is now assured
them by the sheer emptiness of the alternative.
The Koreans will not fight
or wish success to a foreign army
which is already tainted with Syngman

Leon Trotsky and the (Shachtman) Workers Party (1946)

The infancy and childhood of the movement was fortunate in having the intellectual leadership of one of the greatest minds of all time, Karl Marx. It was doubly fortunate in having in Marx’s collaborator, Friedrich Engels, a genius in his own right, whose true stature always remained obscured in the public mind as a result of his modest subordination to the towering height of Marx. The period of the formation of the Second International under the sound, experienced guidance of Engels, his last great service to the working class, coincided with the rise of the Marxist movement in Russia.

Revolutionary socialists and black struggle in America

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The AWL’s new book, In an era of wars and revolutions, brings together cartoons published by revolutionary socialists in the US between the 1920s and 1950s.

Below Sacha Ismail discusses the cartoons that deal with the oppression of African Americans and black liberation struggle. Here are a few of them.

Immigrants - Another Day: Dutch Workers Help Chinese Immigrants Collect Unemployment Insurance from Nazis

Swedish papers report that 150 Chinese dock workers employed at the harbor of Rotterdam, [in German occupied] Holland, refused to load a shipment for the Nazis. The Nazi official deprived
them of unemployment insurance payments in reprisal. Immediately, Dutch workers organized to help the Chinese and collected 3,000 guilder for them.

Labor Action, 21 September, 1942

1940: Max Shachtman's reply to Leon Trotsky - A “petty bourgeois” opposition?

Where Is the Petty Bourgeois Opposition? A Repeated Challenge Remains Unanswered.

In his open letter to Comrade Trotsky, Comrade Shachtman, repeating the challenge issued by the Minority since the moment it was accused of representing a petty-bourgeois tendency in the party, declared:

“... it is first necessary to prove (a) that the Minority represents a deviation from the proletarian Marxian line, (b) that this deviation is typically petty-bourgeois, and (c) that it is more than an isolated deviation — it is a tendency. That is precisely what has not been proved.”

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