Workers' Liberty 8, October 1987

Tony Greenstein's second polemic on "Perdition"

I would be the last person to complain that the reply to my letter in Workers' Liberty 7 was more than four times the length of the original. The "Perdition" AffairHowever, it might have been helpful, to say nothing of honest, if John O'Mahony had explained that the chunks of Perdition quoted were early drafts that were, as with most plays, articles, etc, discarded, amended, deleted and added to. For example, the phrase 'Zionist knife in the Nazi fist' does not appear in the play, having been deleted at an early stage. Whatever its dramatic effect, politically it would not have been justified...

Sean Matgamna's second reply on "Perdition"

As always, Tony Greenstein doesn't debate the issue in dispute. He worries around the edges of it, quibbling over secondary details and evading the questions he is supposed to be dealing with. The "Perdition" AffairThe chunks of Perdition I quoted were not from 'early drafts' (where would I have got them?) The version just published in book form was the fourth. The one I quoted from was the second. This was the one scheduled for production at the Royal Court Theatre, and it got some circulation, initially when the Royal Court sent out copies to theatre critics. The third draft was, I...

Reviews from Workers' Liberty 8, October 1987

A collection of book and essay reviews from October 1987. Titles and Authors: 'If Voting Changed Anything, They'd Abolish It', Ken Livingstone 'Terrible Beauty: a life of Constance Markievicz', Diana Norman 'Prison Letters of Constance Markievicz' ed. Esther Roper 'The Profit System: The Economics of Capitalism', Francis Green; Bob Sutcliffe 'A Social History of Housing 1815-1985', John Burnett 'An Introduction to the Philosophy of Marxism, Part One', R S Bhagavan 'Red Petrograd', Steve Smith 'Political Change in Greece before and after the Colonels' ed. Kelvin Featherstone; Dimitrios...

Rosa Luxemburg on Britain

'Reform and Revolution' is one of Rosa Luxemburg's best-known works, her major contribution to the debate between Marxists and 'revisionists' at the turn of the century in Germany. In this previously untranslated article, which is effect an appendix to 'Reform and Revolution', she takes issue with the praise of old-style British trade unionism by the leading German revisionist Eduard Bernstein. Bernstein had lived in Britain for some years, and based many of his ideas on the experience of the British labour movement at the end of the 19th century... Click here to download pdf.

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