Workers' Liberty 27, February 1996


Where is Labour going? (John Nicholson) "Immense progress?" (Rob Kent) Bosnia: not a German plot (Colin Fostor) Too rosy a picture (Conrad Russell and Petra Peters) Shachtman and the US military (Ernie Haberken) Loyalist right, not socialist! (John McAnulty) Download PDF

All together now!

Download PDF Articles: All together now! (Shelly Grainger) Solidarity regained (Marting Thomas) Is Europe to blame? Why strikes did not reach the private sector Strikes revive the trade unions CGT leadership under pressure The power next time! (France '68) Workers and students unite

Monthly survey

Russia after the elections (interview with Boris Kagarlitsky) Hopes and fears in Bosnia (Chris Reynolds) Oppose the Asylum Bill! (Dale Street) Who backs Scargills SLP? (Tom Willis) Stalemate in N.Ireland. Why? (John O' Brien) Defend Nigerias workers! Mark (Sandell) Blackboard jungles: why school violence? Download PDF


Scottish postal workers' strike For a Labour government in '96! The arms merchant rules – ok? Scargills 'Socialist Labour Party' – a stillborn stalinist sect Organising the socialists Download PDF

The Australian Labor Party and the Australian left

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) celebrated its centenary in 1991, in its fourth consecutive term of national office - it went on to win a fifth term. Measured by the criterion of years in office, the ALP has been remarkably successful; yet it has always disappointed those of its supporters who expected an ALP government to bring about a more equal society. In the preface to his history of the ALP, Ross McMullin writes: “A recurring theme is the tension between what the ALP’s prominent politicians were doing or not doing, and what the rank-and-file wanted them to be doing.” The ALP is a...

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