Workers Liberty 2/2

The tragedy of Afghanistan

Published in 2002, a collection of articles focusing on Afghanistan, political Islam, imperialism and other discussions, providing theoretical insight into the positions we takes on these issues. £3.50 + £1.60 postage Content: Editorial: The rule of greed and deceit The Pakistani socialists' stand against war and fundamentalism by Farooq Tariq The politics of globalisation and imperialism today, by Colin Foster Afghanistan and the shape of the 20th century, by Sean Matgamna The rise of political Islam by Clive Bradley Islamism and the left in the Iranian revolution by Mehdi Kia Taking the piss...

Where does political Islam come from?

From Workers' Liberty 2/2 (2002) 'The central axis of world politics in the future is likely to be... the conflict between 'the West and the Rest' and the responses of non-Western civilisations to Western power and values'. So wrote prominent American intellectual Samuel P Huntington, in a much-hyped article in 1993, later a book, entitled The Clash of Civilisations. Influential though the theory was, as the United States and its allies have bombed Afghanistan they have been at pains to distance themselves from it, for fear of alienating allies in the region, mainly Saudi Arabia and Pakistan...

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