Workers' Liberty 14, July 1990

Survey: South Africa; the Pill; poll tax; France's FN; Labour Party; industrial; Israel/Palestine; Northern Ireland

Published on: Tue, 04/01/2011 - 17:35

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Survey section:

Historic compromise in South Africa?

The 30th anniversary of the introduction of the contraceptive pill

Poll tax: 12 million defy the law

France's Front National

Labour: towards a one-faction party?

A tale of two industrial struggles: ambulance workers, and engineering

Israel/Palestine: influx and intifada

Northern Ireland: Ulster says maybe.

The poverty of anti-Stalinism

Published on: Tue, 04/01/2011 - 17:24

Robert Fine

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"I am not for setting up a dogmatic standard. On the contrary we must attempt to help the dogmatists make their dogma clear to themselves. Especially communism is a dogmatic abstraction" (Marx [1])

That Left and Right should find common ground on the issue of Stalinism has been a source of discomfort for a 'negative' socialism which defines its politics in opposition to the Right rather than according to its own independent standards.
One of the driving forces behind the history of left apologetics for Stalinism has been a misplaced

Reviews from Workers' Liberty 14

Published on: Tue, 04/01/2011 - 17:08

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Workers' Liberty 14 Reviews section

The real history of US labour (Dianne Finger and Barry Finger review a book by Kim Moody)
It takes all sorts? (Liz Millward reviews a book on the Krays)
As modest as Stalin (Jim Denham reviews Jon Halliday's biography of Enver Hoxha)
Helter skelter and stage by stage (Martin Thomas reviews books by Ken Livingstone and Seumas Milne
Marxism without bullshit? (Jon Pike reviews a handbook of "analytical Marxism" by Jon Elster and Karl Ove Moene)
"I have made enough voices" (Lilian Thomson writes on Greta Garbo)

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