Videos: Marxist perspectives on Irish history - a three part debate

Watch Rayner Lysaght and Sean Matgamna discuss how Marxists have analysed the Irish national oppression, in three parts, below. Click in the top left of the video, for the contents of the playlist, and to watch other ones. See Workers' Liberty's channel for other playlists, and individual videos.

VIDEOS: In Defence of Bolshevism

Watch this series of short videos on the Bolsheviks and what they stood for. Workers’ Liberty has a book of the same title, edited by Sean Matgamna. The bulk of the book is a polemic by Max Shachtman in which he defends the Bolsheviks and the Russian revolution, and their continued relevance. Order a copy of the book here. To select individual videos, click on the playlist selector in top right of the video image above. See Workers' Liberty's channel for other playlists, and individual videos.

VIDEO: Israel-Palestine, Two Nations, Two States 101

What do the AWL mean by a "two-states settlement" for Israel-Palestine? This is a contentious viewpoint on the left because there are competing views of the history. Camila Bassi explains the background and ideas involved in the debate. See Workers' Liberty's channel for other playlists, and individual videos.

Invite of Chinese "Communist" Official is an insult to Chinese workers and to Marx

The Marx Memorial Library’s annual oration at the grave of Karl Marx will be given, bizarrely, by Minister Ma Hui a senior official from the Chinese Embassy in the UK. The Chinese government is by no stretch of the imagination Marxist or socialist. China’s crackdown on the Uyghur population has made the headlines recently with the UN reporting nearly a million Uyghurs are currently held in internment camps. The Uyghur people are a Turkic, majority-Sunni Muslim ethnic minority group in China’s northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Despite the Communist Party’s claims of equality...

An ABC of socialist politics: introductory articles

This ABC of socialist politics brings together a list of short texts which can you can print off and read or give to a friend or workmate to read; or read online. Often longer, more in-depth, articles on the topics covered can be found by using the search function or scanning our sitemap.

Marx's Capital with Martin Thomas [VIDEO]

A series of 19 short videos on the key concepts contained in Capital vol 1 See Workers' Liberty's channel for other playlists, and individual videos.

Marxism and autism (article and video)

Can Marxism can help us to understand autistic experience in modern capitalism? How might Marxism inform our struggles for equality and liberation? There are different approaches to understanding autism. Perhaps the dominant approach is a medical one: seeing autism as a disease or tragedy, and autistic people as being broken and needing fixing. Over recent years, a more progressive approach has developed. It stresses acceptance of autistic people rather than simply “awareness”, and demands rights, equality and support rather than abusive “treatments”. This approach is based on the concept of...

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