Tubeworker bulletin calls for continued refusal to work

Published on: Sun, 17/11/2002 - 19:35

The new issue of the Workers' Liberty Tubeworker bulletin reports on Tube workers stopping the job on safety grounds during the first FBU strike, and argues the case for continuing the action during further FBU strikes. Download the bulletin here (pdf, 865K).

"Tubeworker" says: it is not safe to work without fire cover

Published on: Sun, 27/10/2002 - 13:52

The new issue of the Workers' Liberty Tubeworker bulletin, downloadable here, says that Tube workers should refuse to operate trains and stations during FBU strikes on grounds of safety.
The unions, RMT and ASLEF, have circulated leaflets informing workers about their rights to refuse to work in what they consider unsafe conditions, but Tubeworker is the only literature circulated to Underground workers making an outright call to refuse.

The FBU's suspension of its strike action, the same day, has made some of the text in this Tubeworker out of date, but with a few sentences deleted the rest

Tube workers look for more unity

Published on: Mon, 07/10/2002 - 11:11

By a Tube worker

London Underground workers, members of RMT and ASLEF, struck for 24 hours on 24-25 September in pursuit of our pay claim.

Picket lines on the morning of 25 September were strong and confident, and the strike effectively shut down almost the whole system.

Another 24 hour strike is due on 1-2 October, roughly coinciding with the local government unions' London weighting strike on 1 October. Further action is due to be discussed at the RMT's London Regional Council on Thursday 26 September.

Yet it is now five and a half months after the date that the claim should be settled. Why

Tubeworkers' second strike

Published on: Tue, 01/10/2002 - 07:05

Workers on the London Underground, members of the RMT and ASLEF unions, are staging a second 24-hour strike over pay from 8pm on Tuesday 1 October to 8pm on Wednesday 2 October. Their first 24-hour strike, on 24-25 September, shut down the Underground completely. Read the Workers' Liberty Tubeworker bulletin for 1 October here.

Tubeworkers strike on 24 Sep and 1 October

Published on: Tue, 24/09/2002 - 00:52

Workers on the London Underground, members of the RMT and ASLEF unions, are striking over pay on 24 September and 1 October. Read the Workers' Liberty Tubeworker bulletin here.

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