Pay referenda: vote No

Published on: Sun, 19/10/2003 - 19:46

Special issue of Tubeworker

Tube workers have been shocked to discover that our unions - having said that LUL's pay offer was unacceptable - are now asking us to endorse it. Tubeworker urges members to reject this and vote No in the union referendum.

Download pdf.

Tubeworker 24 September 2003

Published on: Fri, 10/10/2003 - 00:28

Stop the Witch-hunt against Asylum-Seekers

As Blair's Government steps up its persecution of people seeking sanctuary, Tubeworker puts a firm argument against prejudice and for workers' unity. Workplace stories include a cleaner suspended for refusing to work on safety grounds, and the farcical new banking system.

Download pdf.

Tubeworker 27 August 2003

Published on: Thu, 04/09/2003 - 11:57

Preparing to fight over pay and conditions

Tubeworker's front page reflects the anger and frustration amongst Underground workers over low pay and inequalities in working hours, discount travel and pensions. Tubeworker also assesses why Mick Rix lost the ASLEF General Secretary election to right-winger Shaun Brady.
Download the bulletin in pdf format.

Tubeworker 26 July 2003

Published on: Thu, 04/09/2003 - 11:55

RMT Conference slams New Labour

Tubeworker reports on the recent RMT Annual General Meeting, which took important decisions over the future of the union's political involvement. Workplace reports include the fall-out from the final report into the Chancery Lane crash. Download the bulletin in pdf format.

Renationalise the network!

Published on: Wed, 02/07/2003 - 08:05

Tubeworker of 2 July 2003 reports on train operating company Connex losing its franchise, and Network Rail's planned job cuts, and draws the conclusion: renationalise the whole network, under democratic workers' and community control. The bulletin also reports on Glenroy Watson's reinstatement to driving duties, and new harder-line management tactics on the Tube. Download here: front and back pages.

Tubeworker, 28 May 2003

Published on: Thu, 29/05/2003 - 08:42

Tubeworker of 28 May calls for station staff to get better organised across the combine. Attempts to divide workers, infraco against infraco, will probably come in the wake of PPP. The bulletin also brings an update on the fight against the victimisation of Glenroy Watson. Download as pdf: front page and back page.

Tubeworker on PPP

Published on: Sat, 26/04/2003 - 21:12

Tubeworker of 25 April 2003 looks at the final introduction of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) on 8 April 2003 in the context of Workers' Memorial Day, 28 April, the day of commemoration for the two million people killed at work around the world each year. It calls for action against the victimisation of union activist Glenroy Watson.
Download here as pdf (36K).

Tubeworker, 11 April 2003

Published on: Mon, 14/04/2003 - 13:04

The 11 April 2003 issue of the Tubeworker bulletin calls for solidarity with a fight for democracy in Iraq. It condemns the London Underground bosses' move to charge union activist Glenroy Watson with "gross misconduct" for a routine mishap. And it reviews proposals which the bosses are discussing for the Tube now that PPP is fully installed. Download as two pdfs, front page (30K) and back page (423K).

Tubeworker says: stop work to stop war

Published on: Wed, 26/02/2003 - 02:14

The Tubeworker bulletin for 25 February 2003, under the headline "No to war, no to Saddam", calls for industrial action against the planned US/UK war on Iraq. Also in this bulletin: pitfalls with a long-term pay deal; the Central Line safety scandal; London Underground's move to make drivers work longer shifts. Download the bulletin as a pdf here.

Tubeworker on the Chancery Lane crash

Published on: Wed, 12/02/2003 - 23:56

Tubeworker of 30 January leads on the Chancery Lane crash which avoided numerous deaths only by good luck, and which has led to the closure of the Central Line for at least a couple of weeks. Download it here in pdf format.

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