LT Equalities

Kept Out for their Colour

At last week's online Tubeworker meeting (held jointly with Off The Rails), we learned about the history of 'colour bars' on the railways.

After the Second World War, there was a labour shortage in Britain, and thousands of black workers from Britain's former colonies came here to fill the jobs...

Hands Off Our Newsletters!

A trains manager took it upon themselves to unilaterally remove a union newsletter from the depot booking-on point, apparently because they took exception to some of its contents - an article about the concept of gaslighting, especially in the context of racist discrimination.

A grievance has...

For workers' unity against racism: Black Lives Matter!

On 18 June, Tubeworker held a successful meeting to discuss the Black Lives Matter struggle. The discussion was led by Glen Hart, chair of the RMT's Black and Ethnic Minority Members Advisory Committee. The article below is based on a summary of the discussion at the meeting.

Some comrades have...

All Risk Assessments Matter?

Management's slapdash approach to risk assessments for black and minority ethnic (BAME) workers is shocking even by their usual standards. The Mayor told the company it had to do this risk assessment. Then before you know it, a hurried document has come out which makes no reference whatsoever to the...

TfL announces risk assessments for BAME staff

Mayor Khan has announced that TfL will now be conducted "personal risk assessments" for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) workers, in response to the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on black people and other people of colour.

It's not clear exactly what the assessments will consist of...


LU likes to pay lip service to its commitment to equalities, but right across the job, local managers are only to keen to pick on disabled workers who they dehumanisingly view as obstacles and drains on resources.

In a variety of locations, especially on stations, we’re hearing reports of...

Mindful bosses?

TfL has partnered with “mindfulness” app Headspace to give staff a free subscription. Headspace’s guided meditation programmes are meant to help us deal with workplace stress.

It’s a nice gesture, but it rings a little hollow when you consider Occupational Health counselling services have been...


Did you know your period costs you less if you work in a head office building?

For those of us that need to purchase sanitary products whilst at work, it has come to light that machines provided in female staff toilets charge different rates depending on where you work.

For example, if you...

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