Solidarity 389, 13 January 2016

Call a demonstration to defend the NHS!



Labour and the TUC should call a big demonstration for reinstatement of the NHS as an adquately-funded public service, and to support the junior doctors and the student nurses.

The whole of the labour movement, including trade unionists who have industrial might because of their strategic place in the capitalist economy, should mobilise for our health, for our future, for a society which cares.

The Socialist Party returns?


Phil Grimm

The Socialist Party is in a bit of a pickle.

In 1991, most of what had been the Militant tendency left the Labour Party, reconstituting itself firstly as Militant Labour and then as the Socialist Party (SP). And to justify their exit, they argued that the party had changed fundamentally, transforming from what Lenin called a “bourgeois workers’ party” (which socialists should try to intervene in) into a straightforward “bourgeois party”.

Be bold, change opinion


Gemma Short

As Clive Lewis says (in Solidarity 388) there are many definitions of socialism. That makes it all the more important for socialists to debate ideas.

Lewis says a shift from austerity and neoliberal capitalism to (or a return to) welfare-state capitalism would be a gain for the working class. Indeed, taxing the rich, free education, a NHS, well-funded schools, social housing, higher wages, public services would be real and important improvements, for the working class as opposed to the Tories dark, dystopian future.

Star Wars belongs to the rebels


Janine Booth

Eric Lee’s critique of Star Wars is right about some things. But it is, as the Emperor would say, “mistaken, about a great many things”

Yes, it is okay to be critical of films and other cultural output. Yes, ‘The Force Awakens’ is a massive improvement on the awful prequel trilogy. Yes, it is rather casual about violence and war (as most films with “war” in their title are).

Responding to Cologne attacks


Cathy Nugent

“We have to stand against sexual violence and sexual abuse against women, no matter who is the perpetrator”.

That message, from the demonstration on the steps of Cologne Cathedral on Saturday 9 January (Observer, 10 January), is the exactly the right response to the assaults made on women in the city (elsewhere) on New Year’s Eve, by all accounts, by male migrants from north Africa.

Industrial news in brief


Ollie Moore, Michael Tron and Gemma Short

Lambeth Libraries staff have voted overwhelmingly for strike action to save jobs and keep all ten Lambeth libraries open.

Staff voted 89% to strike against plans to close libraries and cut jobs. Unison will now be discussing extended strike action with the library workers in the borough. This strike vote follows a community campaign to keep the libraries open, as well as a walk out by staff in December when news circulated that books were already being taken out of one of the libraries.

Momentum NHS organising


Sacha Ismail and Jill Mountford

As previously reported in Solidarity, Labour Party supporting NHS activists have launched Momentum NHS to build links between Labour, the wider labour movement and NHS campaigns — and build pressure for Labour to take the lead in the fight to save the Health Service.

We had our first planning meeting after the Save Lewisham Hospital conference on 5 December, have been getting social media in place and drawing more people in, and are now holding an organising meeting on Saturday 16 January, 3pm (email for venue details).

Some left gains at London Young Labour


Ellie Clarke

London Young Labour’s AGM happened on the 9-10 January.

The weekend was mixed, but overall it was a success for the left. Although the left slate did poorly in elections, conference successfully set lots of left-wing policy.

This including a motion calling for the reinstatement of all those members of the Labour Party who have been expelled. The motion specifically named comrades who have been expelled for being associated with Workers’ Liberty.

Debating council cuts


Jean Lane

Labour Party Momentum members in Sheffield held a meeting with some of the Labour councillors on Tuesday 5 January.

The purpose was to start, and hopefully continue, a dialogue about how to fight the next round of cuts that will be carried out by the council in March. The meeting was very well attended with about 60 people from different wards and constituencies.

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