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Student activists in Workers' Liberty argue for working class socialist ideas and campaign on issues like freedom of movement, anti-racism, workers' rights, international solidarity and free movement.

Every Monday until December: Workers' Liberty Students will be holding informal online political discussions on the following topics; we'll also catch up on current campaigns.

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Monday 2 November 6-7pm: What is socialism?

Today, we live in a global society that has produced incredible innovations and, for the first time in human history, has enough capacity to produce things and provide services that every single human being could live a healthy life and explore their own potential. And yet massive inequalities plague humanity.

Socialism, by ending capitalism and extending and deepening democracy could mean the resources of our society will be controlled democratically by the people who work in them and the people who rely on them.

If parties like the Labour Party are not a vehicle for such a radical vision, how do we get to this point, and how can we make sure socialism is truly democratic?

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Our full programme for the term
Monday 2 November: What is socialism?
Monday 9 November: The fight for trans rights
Monday 16 November: The alt-right and how to fight it
Monday 23 November: Solidarity with the Uyghurs!
Monday 30 November: Why socialist feminism?
Monday 7 December: Class struggle environmentalism

More details for each meeting see our Facebook events page

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Black and white leaflet advertising the meetings here

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