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Submitted by AWL on 3 September, 2020 - 3:45

Student activists in Workers' Liberty argue for working class socialist ideas and campaign on issues like freedom of movement, anti-racism, workers' rights, international solidarity and free movement.

Every Monday from 11 January until 23 March 2021: Workers' Liberty Students will be holding informal online political discussions on a wide range of topics with the emphasis on current and relevant struggles. Meeting time is 6-7pm.

Monday 18 January from 6pm: Lessons of the 2010 fee strike

Speaker: Michael Chessum, socialist activist, centrally involved in the 2010 movement, and founder member of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts.

November and December 2010 saw mass student protests across the UK against cuts to further education and an increase of the cap on tuition fees by a Tory government.

The fight, involving demonstrations, occupations and clashes with the police, would set the scene for further and higher education for the future. What are the lessons of those protests?

Zoom link to join the meeting

Monday 25 January, 6-7pm: A briefing on "The Hostile Environment".
Zoom link to join the meeting

Monday 1 February, 6-7pm: Labour under Starmer
Zoom link to join the meeting

Other meetings planned this term:

Rent strikes in history, Democratise your uni, Decarbonise your campus, Revolutionise your curriculum, French police laws, UK after Brexit, Alternative media, Life after graduation.

More about us and these meetings see our Facebook events page

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