What to do on clerical abuse

Submitted by AWL on 27 October, 2021 - 5:45
Catholic priests

I was a bit surprised to see Micheál MacEoin (“New evidence on Catholic Church and child abuse”, Solidarity 610) criticise the report into clerical abuse in France on the grounds that it doesn’t call for the “far-reaching reforms demanded by some campaigners such as the ordination of women as priests or the abolition of clerical celibacy”.

How would that stop paedophiles being ordained as priests and gaining access to children, any more than it has in religious groups which have done those things, like the Church of England, or in other areas where widespread abuse has taken place over decades such as schools, children’s homes and the entertainment industry? Surely the answer now is much more thorough vetting, safeguarding and reporting procedures to protect children in the future.

Matthew Thompson, Stockport

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