Reading on Afghanistan

Submitted by AWL on 17 August, 2021 - 3:10
Afghans flee to Kabul airport

Disaster in Afghanistan: how the Taliban won (August 2021)

A disastrous invasion and a disastrous withdrawal (August 2021)

Afghanistan, the left, and the "third camp" (August 2021)

Timeline 1921-2021

Support Afghan women against the Taliban (August 2021)

Afghanistan and the shape of the 20th century: how Afghanistan ended up where it is now, and its significance as an epitome of the role of Stalinism in the shape of the 20th century (March 2002)

Socialists and the 1979-89 war: the theoretical arguments used by many on the left to justify support or semi-support for the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, and what was wrong with them (2016, with materials from the 1980s)

Afghanistan, the Taliban and the British left: lessons from 2001: why many socialist groups were soft on the Taliban in 2001, and what we said at the time (August 2021, summer 2001)

More coverage and analysis of Afghanistan

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