Truck kills picket in Italy

Submitted by AWL on 22 June, 2021 - 5:46 Author: Mohan Sen
Demonstration for Adil

Adil Belakhdim, coordinator of the SI Cobas union in Novara, Lombardy, Italy, and a member of the union’s national coordinating body, has been killed. He was hit by a truck driven into a picket line during the national logistics strike on 18 June.

SI Cobas says: “It was not an accident — Adil was killed in the name of profit.”

It says that the “murder is in fact the culmination of an escalation of organized violence against SI Cobas, which has been ongoing for months and is now without limits”.

It cites many other incidents in recent months, arguing that they are “part of a single design under which the bosses and organised crime (which has a huge business in logistics) act in a united and concentric way to crush with force and violence the strikes of the workers against super-exploitation and in defense of the achievements won over the years by militant unions”.

Last week we reported the beating into a coma of FedEx trade union activist Abdelhamid Elazab by bosses’ thugs in Northern Italy. Elazab is a member of SI Cobas.

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