PCS: Vote Independent Left

Submitted by AWL on 20 April, 2021 - 4:42
PCS Independent Left graphic

Elections for the National Executive and other posts in the PCS civil service workers’ union this year run from 22 April to 12 May. The Independent Left grouping in the union, which in 2019 got John Moloney elected assistant general secretary, is running Bev Laidlaw for union president, and a number of candidates for the National Executive and other national positions. It is running a slate in the Department of Work and Pensions group elections, and backing the PCS Rank and File slate in the Revenue and Customs (HMRC) group.

The Independent Left platform includes: “a real living wage as a minimum and workers on the same grade getting the same rate regardless of department... an effort to organise all workers in our workplaces, including outsourced and agency workers, and fight for direct employment and the levelling up of conditions... transparent negotiations... The union should be a tool for black, women, LGBT+, and disabled workers to use to organise against inequality and discrimination, at work and in society.

“The union should support all groups of workers who want to take action, not put barriers in their way... All officials should be directly answerable and accountable to the membership... Full Time Officers’ pay should be pegged to the average wages of the members they represent”.

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