Malaysia deports 1086 to Myanmar

Submitted by AWL on 16 March, 2021 - 4:58 Author: Pete Boggs
Myanmar refugees in Malaysia

On 23 February, the Malaysian government deported 1,086 people back to Myanmar. This was against the orders of the Malaysian High Court, which ruled on the same day that the Myanmar nationals should be allowed to stay temporarily.

There are millions of exploited migrants in Malaysia, and over a hundred thousand Burmese refugees. The government announced plans to deport 1,200 people, including children. 114 people are unaccounted for by the government as they were not handed over to the Myanmar navy.

Despite the Malaysian government’s claims that they would not deport any Rohingya or official refugees, the United Nations claims that at least six of the deported were refugees who face ethnic cleansing back in Myanmar.

Left-wing organisations including the Parti Sosialis Malaysia and migrants’ rights NGOs held a public protest at Taman Jaya Park in Kuala Lumpur, laying out 1,086 pairs of shoes. They have released a public statement calling on the Malaysian government to end any cooperation with the Tatmadaw junta, and end all deportations and “indefinite and arbitrary detention of all migrants”: here.

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