Back to tabloid format from 14 April

Submitted by AWL on 16 March, 2021 - 4:22
Solidarity front cover

Our total is now £1,334.35 towards our fund-raising target of £20,000 by 11 July. Thanks to Bryan for £200! The lull in street activity since the end of the large Black Lives Matter demonstrations is beginning to end, with the vigils for Sarah Everard and related protests against the Police and Crime Bill. So, already, a greater circulation than we might have expected for our latest Women’s Fightback and also for Solidarity. As lockdown is eased, we will need your increased financial support to make the return to the streets we need, including going back to our more usual tabloid-format printed Solidarity, which we plan for Solidarity 588, 14 April. (586 will be 24 March; then we skip a week for Easter; 587 will be 7 April).

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