Pandemic points to need to "build back fairer"

Submitted by martin on 15 December, 2020 - 11:06 Author: Rhodri Evans
Marmot report

"Covid-19 has exposed and amplified the inequalities we [have] observed [before] and the economic harm caused by containment measures – lockdowns, tier systems, social isolation measures - will further damage health and widen health inequalities.

"Inequalities in Covid-19 mortality rates follow a similar social gradient to that seen for all causes of death and the causes of inequalities in Covid-19 are similar to the causes of inequalities in health more generally...

"The mismanagement during the pandemic, and the unequal way the pandemic has struck, is of a piece with what happened in England in the decade from 2010."

So Michael Marmot, a veteran researcher on social inequalities in health, and his co-writers, summarise their new report, Build Back Fairer.

Previously-achieved levels of social solidarity and inequality-reduction, even modest ones, look to have been a factor (one among many, including some at present indeterminable) in making some countries' Covid-19 tolls lower than others'. New measures of social solidarity - like good isolation pay for everyone - are important in mitigating the pandemic now. Improving social solidarity and reducing economic inequality for the future is critical for reducing health inequality, for both physical and mental health.

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