Solidarity subscription offer, and sub-plus-pamphlet offer

Submitted by martin on 3 November, 2020 - 9:54

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Redirecting... Send us £2 and we'll mail you six issues of Solidarity, so you can support our work, and follow all our coverage and debates properly. Because of the new virus surge and accompanying restrictions which limit street protests, street stalls, and in-person meetings, we've extended the offer until whenever lockdown ends. Available only to UK postal addresses, sorry: click here to subscribe from outside UK.

Extra-special trail subscription offer: £2 including post.

Extra offer, January 2021: six-issues sub plus a copy of our new pamphlet on Shapurji Saklatvala for £4.50 including postage.

Saklatvala pamphlet only: £4 including UK postage.

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