Brexit: make Labour speak out

Submitted by AWL on 27 October, 2020 - 3:23 Author: Colin Foster
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As we go to press on 27 October, talks between the UK and EU for a deal for Brexit are continuing in London and are due to move to Brussels on Thursday 29 October.

Brexit is due to happen on 31 December.

The Tories bluster about being happy to settle for “no deal”, and may yet lurch us into that, but will probably prefer to get some sort of deal, at the last minute, which can be rushed through with the minimum of scrutiny and the maximum of us all being distracted by other concerns.

Labour and the trade unions are still not speaking out, or even demanding a pause on Brexit until virus-chaos has abated. But the entire labour movement, except the Morning Star, regards “no deal” as certain to bring economic and social damage especially for the worse-off.

Everyone knows that if the Tories can get a deal, it will certainly be worse than Theresa May’s formulas which Labour rightly rejected.

Everyone knows that, deal or no deal, the Tories’s next step will be to try to get a trade deal with the USA, pushing Britain further towards US-type social and economic rules.

That Boris Johnson won the 2019 general election imposes no obligation on the labour movement to support whatever he may come up with as an implementation of the vague and demagogic “mandate” he sought then.

Make Labour speak out!

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