Kino Eye

Submitted by AWL on 23 September, 2020 - 8:02 Author: John Cunningham
Dziga Vertov

Kino Eye is a new column which will offer suggestions for film or TV viewing which are related to articles in Solidarity. The term "Kino Eye" is borrowed from the early Soviet documentary filmmaker Dziga Vertov, whose best-known film is Man with a Movie Camera (1929). Suggestions for viewing from readers are welcome.

In Solidarity 562 I recommended two interesting, and very different, films from Bosnia, Walter Defends Sarajevo and Grbavica. Although not about Sarajevo, another film from that region also worth seeing is Tito and Me (Goran Marković, 1992), the comic story of a chubby young schoolboy, Zoran, in 1950s Yugoslavia. He hero-worships Tito and joins a school trip to hike to Tito's birthplace in Kumrovec in Croatia. On the way his illusions about Tito start to slip, prompted by a deranged, bullying Stalin-like group leader. On reaching their goal Zoran has had enough and ditches Tito, stating instead his love for his parents and his preference for Tarzan films. That was the last film made in Yugoslavia before the Bosnian war started.

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