Diary of a Tube worker: "If no one else bothers"

Submitted by AWL on 16 September, 2020 - 7:54 Author: Jay Dawkey
Masks on tube

Mask enforcement has faded on the Tube since July. Now the company want to do something about it.

TSEO (Transport Support and Enforcement Officers), who mostly work as revenue inspectors on the buses, are now being deployed across stations. They stand around, looking a bit meaner than the rest of us. They remind people to wear masks. Some listen, others just breeze past them. Unless people kick them out of the station they’ll still come through no matter what.

We get reminded everyday to use the apps on our Ipads that allow us to record people travelling without a mask. It is probably easier to just say that in the time I am out there, 30% of people don’t have a mask, a bit less weekdays, a bit more weekends. Some for valid reasons, most because they don’t see the point. It’s a frustration for those of us wearing them every day, and sometimes it shows.

“I’m not going to wear mine, if no one else bothers, waste of time”. T says. “Unless they get police to kick them out, what’s the point in telling them one way or another.” “More police, and more powers for us, that’s what we need”.

“What about all the times police cause trouble on here, and how many of us have had the police turn on us over incidents?” “If I saw a copper getting a kicking outside, I’d shrug. Not my problem, is it? They don’t give a shit about us”. “Just electrify the gates anyway, people will think twice about pushing through”.

“And with the money now, they aren’t going to pay for anything new now to help. It is just going to get worse. Best for us, is more people travelling anyway, then our jobs are safe”.

O says: “They say no money, but then can always find it. In the 90s Margaret Thatcher, I think, was visiting Charing Cross, so they got it all cleaned up, kicked out the tramps, polished it up nice”. “Yeah, but that’s just a one off thing isn’t it. Some official visit. If The Queen came through here every day, then yeah I bet they’d make it look nice, but that isn’t what we want. It’s not about them splashing out once in a while, they’ll tell us they can’t do what we want, and still polish the tiles at Charing Cross for photos”.

“Never believe anything they say. That’s the best way to look at it. They never change. One reorganisation, becomes another one”.

“If I can get out during this, then I will. I’m not having the pension touched. I’m out if that’s on the table.”

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