Deliveroo: against sackings

Submitted by AWL on 9 September, 2020 - 10:52 Author: Michael Elms
Deliveroo strike, Sheffield

Deliveroo drivers in Sheffield are set to take further action against large national partners of Deliveroo in the week starting 7 September.

Despite the risks that drivers have taken during the pandemic to keep the service rolling, and in spite of the fact that Deliveroo expects its hyper-exploited workers to themselves bear the costs of running and insuring their vehicles, the fees paid to the drivers continue to fall.

Worse, a whole series of drivers in Sheffield find themselves being terminated with no reason, no warning, and no right of appeal. On the evidence of anonymous complaints (made by whom? Racists bent on mischief? Restaurant bosses with a grudge or a taste for union-busting? Small-minded curtain-twitchers who take an arbitrary dislike to a driver one night?), a whole series of workers have been given the sack, with no thought for either their long records of service or their children. And at the same time, millionaire Deliveroo founder Will Shu is beating his chest about his paltry contribution to the new “child food poverty task force” in an attempt to drum up business.

Drivers in Sheffield have in recent weeks proven that they have industrial muscle, shutting down the whole food delivery service as an opening move in their campaign, and then effectively closing the doors on a restaurant run by a particularly bad boss. They will intensify their campaign of action in the weeks to come, until their fellow union members are reinstated, and Deliveroo moves on the real cause of child poverty — low pay.

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