Solidarity with women, LGBTIQ people, minorities in Poland!

Submitted by Zac Muddle on 12 August, 2020 - 7:52
Protest: LGBTQI rights in Poland

Andrzej Duda of the radical right Law and Justice party has been re-elected as Poland’s president. Duda is has attacked LGBTQI people, women, and minorities, consistently over the last five years. He's undermined the democratic processes, rights and the constitution.

As well as dehumanising rhetoric which fuels homophobia in society, and homophobic repression from the police, he pledged to make gay adoption illegal as part of his re-election campaign — in which homophobia was the central theme. He recently further criminalised abortion, and proposes to legalise domestic violence. See a recent interview on these topics with Ana Oppenheim, a Polish-born socialist.

Activists in London and beyond are showing solidarity with people persecuted and attacked by the Polish hard-right regime; for human rights, freedom, and dignity; and with those resisting and fighting back.

See more information about a protest here: Saturday 15 August, 1pm, Polish Embassy in London.
Newcastle protest here: Saturday 15 August, 1pm, Monument, Newcastle.

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