Labour Executive elections and Momentum

Submitted by cathy n on 10 July, 2020 - 2:38 Author: Gerry Bates
Labour NEC elections 2020

Momentum has announced its support for a “united left slate” for the Labour Party National Executive Committee elections, following negotiations within the “Centre Left Grassroots Alliance”, an umbrella group of Labour left committees and organisations.

Immediately following its announcement, several objections were raised - both to the basis on which the slate was drawn up, and the particular inclusion of Laura Pidcock and Ann Henderson, two candidates with questionable track records on the issue of trans rights.

The fact that a “united left slate” has been decided, again, without even a cursory nod towards open and democratic discussion of what the politics of that slate should be, or who best represents those politics, shows how mired the Labour left still is in backroom manoeuvring. The pressures of time resulting from imposed deadlines are not an excuse for not even attempting to do things differently.

Pidcock and Henderson’s inclusion, too, shows how far the left still has to go make commitment to trans rights a prerequisite.

Risibly, some Labour leftists have implied on social media that the composition of the slate was somehow due to AWL influence. Given that not a single AWL member was involved in any of the committees that negotiated it, this would indicate quite remarkable powers on our part!

We will carry further comment and discussion on the Labour NEC elections on our website and in our paper in the coming weeks.

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