£3,412 towards £10,000

Submitted by AWL on 17 June, 2020 - 11:54
AWL t-shirt

A donation of £155 from Zack and £50 from Lucy takes us to £3,412, towards our £10,000 target by 22 November.

We have seen an increase in sales of our paper and some of our pamphlets at the recent Black Lives Matter demos. All our branches are now thinking of ways to adapt to sales with less cash-handling. You can continue to support us by making donations by bank transfer, by PayPal, or by cheque to our office. (The industrial estate in which our office is sited will soon, we’re told, be open longer hours).

We are continuing our programme of online meetings even while the lockdown eases. Zoom saw its profits for February to April rise to $27m, compared to $198,000 last year, and now has a stock market value greater than the combined four largest US airlines.

We do not seek to profit from this crisis and pay out huge dividends to “investors”, but we do want to “profit” by spreading our ideas, winning new recruits and increasing our capacity.


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