Block the Tories’ Brexit rush

Submitted by AWL on 6 May, 2020 - 8:53 Author: Josh Lovell, Stevenage CLP and Hertfordshire councillor
Britain and Europe

The statement calling for Labour and the unions to fight to delay Brexit, promoted by Labour for a Socialist Europe, has now been signed by over 350 party and union activists.

Probably for a mix of reasons, this is not (yet) an issue figuring prominently in most left-wingers’ consciousness. Nonetheless, it is incredibly important. Allowing the Tories to push through a hard Brexit in the midst of the economic and social fall out from Covid-19 will be disastrous for workers, and facilitate the hard right pursuing their nationalist, anti-migrant, disaster-capitalist agenda at our expense. And we do not have long to drag the government out of its seemingly entrenched position.

I’ve made a push to promote the statement among other activists in Stevenage. About a dozen have signed so far including our CLP (Constituency Labour Party) Chair, Secretary and Campaign Co-ordinator, and our parliamentary candidate in last year’s general election. I’ve also got a range of activists in the Labour Campaign for Free Movement to sign the statement.

It’s very good that prominent comrades like former MEP Julie Ward and Richard Corbett, the last leader of the European PLP, are promoting this. In general, though, grassroots activists need to build the campaign and drag “big names” into taking a stand.

Comrades should make an effort to promote this important initiative and help get it off the ground.

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