Safe and Equal rally with McDonnell on 12 May

Submitted by AWL on 5 May, 2020 - 7:58
John McDonnell

The Safe and Equal campaign continues to grow. Through using stickers with QR codes outside nursing homes, social media, and phone-banking our new online sign-ups, every week we are making contact with more workers who want to support our political campaign and organise a fight at work.

A letter to MPs raising our demands for full self-isolation pay and equality for all is in the works, and John McDonnell MP has agreed to address a Safe and Equal rally at 7pm on 12 May, which will be held via Zoom.

Meanwhile every week provides more confirmation that exploitative bosses are Covid-19’s best friends. Most recently, the GMB union has reported that security guards employed by G4S at Croydon University Hospital are complaining that they are unable to self-isolate as they cannot survive on £94 a week statutory sick pay. The GMB has issued a press release calling on the hospital to take these workers back in-house. But these conditions are not new, and a much more vigorous response from the unions nationally is needed. Safe and Equal is campaigning to spur on the kind of vigorous action that’s required.

• Register for the meeting here.

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