Running the Tube safely for essential workers

Submitted by AWL on 30 March, 2020 - 9:49

As of 29 March, these are the issues being worked on by the RMT union on London Underground, with the aim of keeping the service running for essential workers while also keeping it as safe as possible for those workers, for London Underground staff, and for everyone around them.

• Full pay for any ABM [cleaning contractor] staff who have to self-isolate — Agreed
• No detriment, including loss of pay, for anyone who stays home due to being in a vulnerable category (e.g., with an underlying health condition), but not identified by the NHS for “shielding”; or who stays home due to having a family member in a vulnerable group — Not yet agreed — although this has been agreed on Network Rail, so no reason it can’t be extended to other companies. Members are advised to follow public health advice as it applies to them in full
• All non-essential meetings, including disciplinaries, cancelled — Case conferences have been paused, disciplinaries still pending
• Workers’ control of shift allocation at local level to ensure essential service can be provided whilst maximising distancing and minimising number of staff who need to travel in each day — Not yet agreed but local arrangements being explored in some areas
• Voluntary process for off-group working [i.e. workers being allocated outside the usual group of stations they work on] — Agreed, confirmed in management bulletin on 22/03
• Staff to work from SCR [station control room] wherever possible — Not yet agreed; we advise members to implement this locally
• Power down all POMs [ticket machines] — Not yet agreed, although a management bulletin says staff should “avoid” touching them
• Open at least one WAG [wide aisle gate] — Not yet agreed
• Paid mileage for anyone driving to work — Agreed
• Parking permits for those driving to work — Agreed for NCP sites attached to stations, on production of staff pass. Staff can also claim reimbursement for parking charges.
• No Covid-related absence to be counted for disciplinary action — Agreed
• Countdown paused for staff in redeployment unit — Agreed
• Cancel or significantly reduce SATS [station assistants placed on platforms] — Not yet agreed
• Any additional travelling time incurred due to off-group working to be included in shift or paid as overtime — Agreed in principle
• Covid-19 testing for all staff — Being pursued with the Mayor
• Provide food/drink for staff on shift if local amenities closed — Not yet agreed.

From the ‘live bulletin’ of the RMT stations functional council reps

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