Tracy wins in NEU

Submitted by AWL on 4 December, 2019 - 3:41

Workers’ Liberty supporter Tracy McGuire has won the by-election for support staff rep on the National Education Union’s national executive.

In a three-way election, Tracy won 1,200 votes, 53%, with the rest split almost evenly between the two other candidates. However, the turnout was, at 2270, only 7.7%.

Tracy, a teaching assistant in Darlington with a strong profile in the local labour movement, ran a campaign focused on workplace and industrial issues for support staff – but also raising wider questions including Brexit and migrants’ rights.

As we understand it she was also the only one of the three candidates who is a teaching assistant.

She was supported by the left-wing Education Solidarity Network. More tepid NEU left organisations like the Socialist Teachers’ Alliance, linked to the union’s leadership, largely sat the election out.

Tracy’s election is an opportunity to push forward the project of organising all school workers into one fighting union.

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