“Labour Transformed” launches

Submitted by Zac Muddle on 27 November, 2019 - 7:16

A new Labour left organisation is being launched from elements around Labour Campaigns Together.

Labour Transformed has put out a launch statement and plans a conference on 14 December in London. It’s not clear why it has been scheduled to clash with the Another Europe Is Possible conference.

Prime movers include James Meadway, formerly of Counterfire, and a former adviser to John McDonnell, and Seth Wheeler, formerly of Plan C.

The statement contains much to agree with on anti-capitalism, socialism, internationalism and the importance of democracy in our movement. It says, rightly:

“Whatever the outcome of this election, we are going to need to fight… Other Labour-affiliated organisations, although vital to the party’s electoral capability, have failed to provide the coordination we need.

“Momentum is not the national organisation that was promised to its 40,000 members – it is not a fully member-led movement and it lacks a clear or coherent political vision.”

We are yet to see whether Labour Transformed will successfully develop the internal democracy, strategy, and routine of holding leaders to account which they correctly identify as missing in existing Labour left membership networks.

They will have to face difficult questions, including antisemitism, and overcome sectarian attitudes which have tanked previous attempts at setting up new left networks in Labour. One initial question is whether they are willing to work together with “Labour campaign” groups like Labour for a Socialist Europe and the Labour Campaign for Free Movement.

See their website here

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