AEIP conference 14 December

Submitted by Zac Muddle on 27 November, 2019 - 7:16 Author: Katy Dollar

Another Europe is Possible (AEIP) is holding its conference on 14 December. It has advertised “interactive and informative sessions and workshops, a thorough discussion of our strategy, and elections for [the] National Committee”.

Some committee members argued that with the election on Thursday 12 December and conference on Saturday 14 December, we may not even know the make-up of the government on the day of the conference. It is difficult to submit thought-out strategy documents, because we do not know what the election result will be.

The eventual compromise decision is that there will be a further decision-making conference scheduled in early 2020.

AEIP is unable to do more than general “anti-Tory” publicity in the election, because it is set up as a “cross-party” group. But over the past year, it has been an important force on the anti Brexit left. It was the leading force behind the Stop the Coup demonstrations and worked with Labour Campaign for Free Movement and Labour for a Socialist Europe to win free-movement policy and push for “Remain and Transform” at Labour Party Conference.

The formation of Labour for a Socialist Europe (from a motion to Another Europe’s December 2018 conference) has been a boost for AEIP’s radical activist wing.

You can join and register for the conference online, here.

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