Getting organised on campus

Submitted by AWL on 16 October, 2019 - 10:20 Author: Maisie Sanders

Workers’ Liberty students have been at Freshers’ Fairs across the country this month.

At many we met students involved in the Hong Kong protests with whom we will be organising campus meetings to discuss the democracy movement and organise solidarity actions.

Lots of new students were impressed with the role we played in passing policy in support of free movement and migrants’ rights at Labour conference. Lots wanted to check we were against Brexit before signing up.

We are organising weekly public meetings, reading groups and paper sales at Greenwich, Birkbeck, UCL, Cambridge, Sheffield and Durham universities, with meeting topics like Brexit and migrants’ rights, climate change and capitalism, and fighting the far right.

With others we are helping to build the Student Climate Activist Gathering on 2 November at Birkbeck, University of London. This is a national meeting, co-hosted by the Student Left Network, People and Planet, and the Young Greens, for left-wing students to swap experiences, build solidarity and discuss ideas with a particular emphasis on fighting capitalism and stopping climate change.

On campus, we are also building for students to join the left bloc at the 19 October anti-Brexit demonstration and helping to build for a yes vote in the UCU strike ballot, which closes on 30 October, and getting started on student-worker campaigns to “decarbonise” our universities. We are also organising students and campus workers to join the next global climate strike on 29 November.

This week we have been busy intervening in the newly-founded Extinction Rebellion Universities’ actions and meetings as part of the Global Rebellion. In general, we want to argue for class struggle environmentalism, an orientation to the labour movement, and a socialist Green New Deal.

Download issue two of the Student Left Network’s Icecap: a zine about climate change, class struggle and student activism here.

Register for the Student Climate Activist Gathering here.

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