New setback in USA

Submitted by AWL on 17 July, 2019 - 12:02 Author: Rhodri Evans

There is no public announcement about this yet, but we reliably hear that the conference of the US revolutionary socialist group Solidarity on the weekend 29-30 June voted to set up a committee to explore converting it from an organisation into an educational centre.

This follows the decision by the larger International Socialist Organization (ISO) in March- April to dissolve itself.

With Solidarity, there is no hint of a scandal or row triggering the dissolution. The word is that the group came to consider itself too small, weak, elderly, and divided to function as an organisation.

These moves mark the expiry (at least for now) in the USA of two major political traditions originating from the Trotskyism of the days of Trotsky: the Heterodox Trotskyist tradition of Max Shachtman and Hal Draper, considerably-mutated follow-ons from which operated within both ISO and Solidarity, and the mainstream Orthodox Trotskyism of Ernest Mandel, represented within Solidarity.

Workers’ Liberty has had friendly relations over the years (as well as political differences) with Solidarity, and we see this as a setback. We hope to learn more.


Submitted by Brad (not verified) on Mon, 05/08/2019 - 18:33

Comrades, I'm confused by this article. This is not a fair representation of what went on at the Solidarity convention, and it would be easy to fact check. If AWL and Solidarity have been on good terms in the past, why not directly ask Solidarity about this? Why note email their national office and ask for a statement? This article feels like Weekly Worker-style gossip, mixed with sectarian schadenfreude. Isn't your website supposed to be at least a little better than that?
"We hope to learn more"...honestly you should have learned more before you posted this.

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