Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan May Day speech

Submitted by martin on 8 May, 2019 - 12:04 Author: Noori Bashir

Martin Thomas from Workers' Liberty spoke on Saturday 4 May 2019 at a May Day event organised by the Worker-communist Party of Iran (Hekmatist, Official Line) in London.

The event also featured speakers from the Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan, Iran Protests Live Information, the Frontline Socialist Party of Sri Lanka, and the Workers' International Network, and a speech from Iranian writer Narvin Parvaz.

Below is the text of the speech from Noori Bashir, representing the Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan.

That organising the working class for a socialist revolution is the only solution to liberate the society

Noori Bashir: Speech about 1st of May

Dear comrades, attendees,

First I would like to congratulate you all on Labor Day, the international workers day.

And I would like to thank comrades from Worker Communist Party of Iran- Hekmatist/ Official Line, for this opportunity and for organizing this event on 1st of May, the solidarity and unity workers’ day. Apparently, meeting with a number of communist political parties and organisations in this particular day which is an anti capitalist movement of the working class, in which they are marking the first of May, apart from having an international characteristics, it shows class cohesion. At the same time, May Day tells us that communists’ struggle for the liberation of the human society has no boundaries. It is the duty of the communists to line up together, anywhere and anytime. And in this concern, I would like to thank you again for having me here.

I would like to take this opportunity and point out that the First of May is not just a day to come to the fore to show the working class’ power and to set out some demands and requests, which I believe it is important too, but I believe May Day as a communist tradition stands by daily workers’ demands since Marx and the First International which made communist revolutionary prospect at the disposal of the society and communists. It is right that First of May was first for working hours’ demand, but in the past 100 years this reality has changed, May Day got mingled with workers’ struggle and problems of its time. And every May Day, the working class is involved with a new generation of workers and new economic and political conditions in the society. Workers are standing firmly against capitalism’s attacks on working class. We witnessed that May Day reflected workers’ issues and problems during October Revolution, the defeat of the revolution, the rise of two poles world order, the American’s super power era free market and anti communism era . But what’s obvious in this historic course, is that the socialist revolution matter has become less bright and even shown as a secondary matter under the influence of Bourgeois communist trends, and May Day has been changed to class conciliation day.

Dear comrades, in the present time the working class is not only facing the effects and impacts of the present economic and political crisis of the capitalist countries ranging from austerity and cuttings by the far right racist bourgeoisie governments, but also facing an imperialist war for rearranging the world order where millions of people are encountering mass killing, destruction and displacement everyday that made the people to live in insecurity and poverty, a war that kept the world in a dark tunnel because of the lack of prospects and ambiguity by the bourgeoisie. In such circumstances, May Day has left no extra duty before the communists apart from organising the working class and its struggle to prepare for a socialist revolution and come to the fore. I believe at this era May Day has no other characteristics.

In this concern, I would like to remind you of one important point, during October revolution, May Day, projected communism with the working class, and it was the basis for the possibility of socialist revolution in Russia. We need this model and pattern at the present time. We need a communism and May Day where they are mingled with the working class and its struggle, and we need to hold this as a basis for a socialist revolution. Capitalism is not only frightened of mentioning the October Revolution but also fears to mention Lenin, and the reason is because the communism and workers were mingled together in one revolution and movement. In one word, the October Revolution was the outcome of a blended communism with the proletariat and its struggle. An organised communism directed workers’ revolution. Therefore, if we have anything to say in the First of May, we should talk about that era of communism and working class and about the gap invented between them after the October revolution.

And if we want the working class out of marginalization and ill-preparation, we have to call the vanguard and communist trends within the working class to organize themselves and to define their alternatives in relation to their demands, power, and demolition of capitalist system and come to the fore with their social force. It is our message, we the communists, the First of May, is not only the day of coming to the fore. If we want to refer to the working class’s struggle, we have to refer to the struggle of the working class in Iran and yellow vest in France and the emergence of workers’ leaders and organizing the people in councils. For this reason, we see that the capitalist regime of Islamic Republic of Iran fears the protest movement, as they detain and imprison workers’ leaders in order the organised workers’ struggle to retreat. The yellow vests movement in France has not just frightened Macron’s government but also all European governments even Trump’s government.

At the end, I would like to reaffirm that the working class should be organised in a communist and Marxist political party, a communist party associated directly with the vanguard of the working class and to command the political and economic struggle of the workers and the society. This will guarantee and assure radical changes in society, and it will enable today’s capitalist society, on the top of them Trump’s and other allied countries, how they brought calamity to societies. The Middle East and Asian countries are a hell for the workers, women and poor people. All the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya and the tragedies we have seen so far, from economic sanction on Iraq, economic sanction by the US and allied countries on Iran, in which the only victims are the working class and poor people, the Palestinian question has become a game in the hand of the capitalist countries, the Greek question, Brexit and Britain, the capitalists are playing with the fate of the people, the condition of the workers in general, children, and women in Pakistan, Bangladesh. They are playing with the fate of people of Algeria, Somalia, Tunisia, Egypt, how disgraceful it is for today’s capitalist system.

Are these entire not enough to grasp May Day as a station on the socialist revolution’s path? Are there any other solution to today’s capitalist’s world before a human being who allege to be a communist other than heading towards organizing a communist revolution. The first duty in organizing this revolution is organizing the working class and communists

Dear comrades, not only today’s events and incidents in the world, the war, displacement of millions, wreckage and ruins created by the war, not only the wave of unemployment, but also the revolutions in the Arab world, mass protests in Sudan, Algeria, Kurdistan and Iraqi cities, will teach us a lesson that organising the working class for a socialist revolution is the only solution to liberate the society.

Therefore, if we feel we have a debate or have a duty obligation to achieve something, we should bring it forward to these meetings, and to talk about these matters to organize ourselves because the only matter and alternative which bring communists together and unite them is nothing but discussing and debating workers’ revolution’s implementation. I hope this meeting will take steps in this regard.

Once again happy May Day and I hope it would be a different May Day and the power would be at the hand of the working class next May Day.


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