Vote Labour in 2nd May local elections

Submitted by AWL on 1 May, 2019 - 1:04

Solidarity calls on readers to vote Labour in the local elections on 2 May, which cover one-third of the seats in almost all the metropolitan authorities in England (big cities outside London).

They cover almost all the “unitary authorities” (those which combine “county” and “district” powers): in some of those all seats are contested, in some only a third. Any they cover many district councils, and six mayoral elections.

The 8,804 seats involved were last contested in 2015, on the same day as the general election which the Tories won, and the Tories currently hold 5,521 of them.

Heavy losses for the Tories are almost certain whatever the merits or failings of Labour’s campaigns.

Our reports, though, is that Labour campaigns have been weak. Labour councils have been administering cuts, and make clear that they will continue to do so.

The last Labour political broadcast before the polls is smoothly made but only gives an exposition of the traditional “Keynesian” argument that public payments to the worse-off will improve profits and output more than payments to the rich.

It says nothing about what Labour councils will do.

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