Workplace activist skills training from Workers' Liberty

Submitted by AWL on 2 March, 2013 - 8:56

Trade union activists in AWL have developed a short series of workshops to help develop workplace activist skills.

The workshops are:

- Beyond "organising": has "the organising agenda" replaced "partnership" as the orthodoxy of the trade union bureaucracy? What are the positive aspects of "the organising agenda", and what are its limits? Can socialists argue for and build a radical model of organising? Click here to download workshop notes as a PDF.

- Real life problems: how can we build collective cultures in our workplace? How can we turn what seem like individual gripes and moans into collective issues that help workers understand our position and power in the workplace and wider society in relation to our bosses? How can we build links between the immediately-felt workplace issues and "wider" questions? Click here to download workshop notes as a PDF.

- Being an effective Marxist at work: how, and how not, to argue for revolutionary socialist ideas in your workplace. Click here to download workshop notes as a PDF.

The course notes provided here are brief outlines to help tutors/facilitators. For further support in running these workshops, please email us at

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