Working-class politics and anarchism

Submitted by Daniel_Randall on 13 January, 2012 - 9:34

A pamphlet bringing together polemics, debates and exchanges between Workers' Liberty and anarchist comrades. Buy online (£5).

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Or order from AWL. For single copies, send a cheque for £6.10 (including £1.10 postage), payable to AWL, to AWL, 20E Tower Workshops, Riley Road, London SE1 3DG; or buy online by clicking below. Five copies for £20, ten copies for £36.



“An open letter to a direct action militant” by Ira Berkovic

“Can we build a revolutionary workers’ movement?” by Ira Berkovic

“Ends and means: continuing the debate on tactics” by Anne Archist

“Anarchism, direct action and class struggle: a reply to Ira Berkovic’s ‘Open Letter’” by Bobi Pasquale

“Direct action and class struggle: a reply to Bobi Pasquale” by Sacha Ismail

“How to organise to change the world” by Ed Maltby, (a speech given in a debate with blogger Laurie Penny, January 2011)

“All Feathered Up: A New Defence of Anarchism” by Martin Thomas

“The AWL versus anarchism” by Iain McKay (The Anarchist FAQ blog)

“Six points in reply to Iain McKay” by Martin Thomas (December 2011)

“Working-class struggle and anarchism” by Martin Thomas and subsequent debate

“Anarchism and classless society: a reply to AWL” by North London Solidarity Federation

“We should work in the mass organisations: a reply to Sol Fed” by Stuart Jordan

“Climate Camp shuts down... itself” by Bob Sutton

"The Anti-Cuts Movement and the Left" by the Anarchist Federation

"Anarchism, the anti-cuts movement and working-class politics: a reply to the Anarchist Federation" by Tom Unterrainer

“Five things Trotskyists should know about today’s young ‘anarchists’” by Yves Coleman

“Anarchism without trade unions: fresh wave or utopianism? A reply to Yves Coleman” by Ira Berkovic

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