Resources for "New Unionism: how workers can fight back"

Submitted by Daniel_Randall on 17 February, 2012 - 3:39

Resources, including a reading pack, for the 18 February 2012 dayschool "New Unionism: how workers can fight back".

Agenda for the day - click here to download as a PDF

Reading pack - click here to download as a PDF

Slides from workshop on working-class political representation:
Keir Hardie - click here
Henry Hyndman - click here
Alexander MacDonald - click here
William Morris - click here
Philip Snowden - click here
Will Thorne - click here

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NEW UNIONISM PACK - v1.pdf(1.79 MB) 1.79 MB
Hardie slides.pdf(418.51 KB) 418.51 KB
Hyndman slides.pdf(437.92 KB) 437.92 KB
MacDonald slides.pdf(196.9 KB) 196.9 KB
Morris slides.pdf(210.82 KB) 210.82 KB
Snowden slides.pdf(246.13 KB) 246.13 KB
Will_Thorne slides.pdf(516.59 KB) 516.59 KB
NEW UNIONISM AGENDA.pdf(28.14 KB) 28.14 KB

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