Off The Rails - Winter 2014/2015

Submitted by Tubeworker on 18 November, 2014 - 9:52

The latest edition of Off The Rails, a platform for rank-and-file rail workers published by Workers' Liberty.

This issue includes news on...

  • Northern Rail pay dispute
  • East Midlands Trains Senior Conductors' dispute
  • London Underground jobs fight
  • Cleaners' struggles

  • Keep the Guard on the Train: interview with a campaign organiser
  • Fighting DOO
  • Can we force Labour to renationalise the railway?
  • ...and...

  • Marxism At Work: What are Trade Unions?
  • Back Findlay/Clark for Scottish Labour leadership
  • Support the Kurds!
  • Off The Rails goes to France
  • To read individual articles from the zine online, click here.

    To download the zine as a PDF, click here. (Please note: the spreads in the PDF are ordered for printing, so will appear out of sequence.)

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