Turkish trade union militants' 3 Cosas solidarity

Submitted by AWL on 20 December, 2013 - 6:24

Solidarity editor Cathy Nugent, along with other AWL members, recorded a video message of solidarity that was broadcast to the recent UID-DER conference.

The Association of International Workers' Solidarity (UID-DER in Turkish) is a network which helps rank-and-file militants in the Turkish labour movement organise, co-ordinate, build solidarity, and plan joint campaigns. Workers' Liberty has been developing links with Marksist Tutum, the anti-Stalinist revolutionaries who have been active in developing UID-DER.

On 15 December, UID-DER held a campaign conference for its latest campaign, against workplace accidents and hazards and for greater health and safety. Workers' Liberty members Patrick Murphy (NUT National Executive), Becky Crocker (RMT London Transport Region), and Cathy Nugent (editor, Solidarity) sent video messages to the conference, along with a written message of solidarity from the AWL Executive Committee.

The conference thanked AWL for its messages, as well as returning a message of solidarity for the "3 Cosas" campaign of outsourced workers at the University of London, in which AWL members have been active. We republish the messages below.

For an English-language report of the conference, click here, and for a report focusing particularly on the international solidarity greetings the conference received, click here. Click here for Turkish-language translations of the messages of solidarity the conference received.

UID-DER's message of solidarity to 3 Cosas

Dear class brothers and sisters,

We extend our deep feelings of solidarity to you and your determined struggle that you have been waging for long. Outsourcing is spreading all over the world as a way of eliminating the rights of the working class. This problem is one of the biggest problems we are having as workers in Turkey. And the AKP government of capitalists in Turkey is now pushing for a more generalised system of outsourced work. They seek to lift all barriers to a fully-fledged work regime of outsourcing and clear the ground for letting companies to get even the main work done by outsourced workers.

Outsourced workers, just as you, are forced to work under worst working conditions, with short-term contracts, without job security. Now capitalists are pushing for spreading this working regime to all workers. So the fight against this attack which aims at forcing all workers into slavery conditions is very important. We, as your class
brothers and sisters in UID-DER, wish you a successful struggle. Your demands are our demands.

Equal wage for equal work, equal rights and equal working conditions! Stop discrimination against migrant workers! Long live the international unity and solidarity of struggle of the working class!

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UID-DER)

UID-DER's message to AWL

Our Association’s public event “Forward to Struggle and Solidarity against Work Accidents” was held on 15 December in Petrol-İş Hall (Oil, Chemistry, and Tire Workers’ Union). It was participated by hundreds of workers from different cities and towns, union executives, socialist MPs, workers who are on wildcat strike and other class friends from different organisations.

Dear friends, the event was very successful and your solidarity messages were welcomed with great enthusiasm by your class brothers and sisters here in Turkey. Your messages reinforced our fellow workers’ spirit of international struggle and solidarity. Your messages and others sent by our class friends from different countries strengthened our stress that the working class is an international class, that its problems and their
ways of solution are common. Listening to these sincere messages the workers in the hall greeted this international class solidarity by chanting the slogan “Workers of all lands, unite!”

Dear friends, we extend our most sincere thanks to you for your valuable messages which were beautiful examples of class solidarity. Reports of the event have been put in our website in Turkish. And we will put English versions of them as soon as possible.

Long live the international unity, struggle and solidarity of the working class! With greetings of struggle and solidarity!


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