The new world disorder: war and imperialism

Submitted by cathy n on 26 January, 2015 - 4:00

Published in 2002 but still important as a collection of sharp critiques on the nature of war and imperialism.

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This book contains the following articles:

  • The USA as a hyperpower
  • Iraq: trajectory of a state
  • Capitalism, nations, classes, empire
  • Two critiques: "Empire" and "new imperialism"
  • Hamas and nationalism
  • Karl Kautsky on ultra imperialism and colonialism
  • Hal Draper: Old Empire against New
  • Hal Draper: The ABC of national liberation movements
  • The Kosova war of 1999
  • The US-Iraq war of 1991
  • The South Atlantic war of 1982
  • This was originally published as Workers Liberty Volume 2 No.3 and is available online here

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