Marxist Revival magazine, no.2

Submitted by AWL on 16 July, 2014 - 11:12

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No.2 of the international revolutionary-socialist discussion magazine Marxist Revival is now out, and available for £2 (or £3.20 including postage) from AWL. Please send payment via this website.

The first section of the issue is short articles from the participating organisations on recent interventions.

AWL has contributed a critical review of our activity in the recent strikes against job cuts and restructuring on the Tube in London. Marksist Tutum, from Turkey, writes about a mobilisation by the workers' association UID-DER, and the Iranian Revolutionary Marxists' Tendency discusses activity for the worker political prisoners in Iran.

The second section comprises articles from the three groups on imperialism today. All three groups, in different idioms and from different angles, argue that there are large differences between the world-market imperialism of today and the "high imperialism" of rival colonial empires which flourished between the 1880s and the aftermath of World War Two.

Thus, to endorse strivings for "economic independence", or military action against the USA, by politically-independent capitalist powers which generally have their own ambitions for regional dominance, is not observance of the duty of socialists to back national liberation. It is subordinating working-class politics to battles of the weaker capitalists against the stronger. We should instead seek an independent working-class stance.

The third element in the issue is an article by Maziar Razi of IRMT on "The necessity of Marxists' convergence". Some of the ideas in that article were debated in a session at the AWL summer school, Ideas for Freedom, on 5-6 July, and again at a Marxist Revival seminar in Hamburg, Germany, on 11-12 July, which was also attended by L'Etincelle from France and Sozialistische Arbeiterstimme from Berlin.

Work is underway on producing a French edition of this issue of Marxist Revival, as a French edition of no.1 was produced.

It is a small beginning in international Marxist discussion, but a beginning which no-one else is making.

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