Marxist Revival # 1 out now

Submitted by Matthew on 5 February, 2014 - 11:44

The first issue of a new journal of international discussion among revolutionary socialists, Marxist Revival, is out now. Click here to download it as pdf, or to get a printed copy, click here to send us ÂŁ2 plus ÂŁ1.20 postage.

The journal is produced by the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and the Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency. The first issue also includes a long contribution from the Turkish revolutionary socialist group Marksist Tutum, and a survey from Workers’ Liberty Australia of the revolutionary left in Australia.

The journal declares that “it will not be just an open forum. The two organisations initiating it, the Iranian Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency and the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, have their own ideas, close on many issues but not identical: we will promote the ideas we have in common, debate the issues on which we disagree...

“Marxist Revival will be open for disputations, polemics, and divergent views: we invite both groups and individual activists who disagree with IRMT and AWL, yet are interested in international discussion among revolutionary Marxists, to contribute.

“There are almost no other such journals of international Marxist discussion. Arguably today, in the era of the internet, mass air travel, and English as a global lingua franca, activist Marxist debates are more separated off into national silos than they were a hundred years ago, when the technical difficulties were a hundred times greater.

“Yet our foes, the ruling classes of the world, have globalised themselves more than ever.”

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